Day 91: Tropical rain

The heat has reached a ruthless level. Everything and everyone were waiting for the mercy to arrive. Then it came, with its dramatic sounds and actions, immersed the entire island in this million-year-old ritual.

Cecília told me that her grandma is from the Ecuadorian amazon and since little she had learned how to appreciate the power of the rain. When the first drops suddenly hit us, she joyfully raised up her arms towards the sky and welcomed the divine. I looked at her cordial smile, and looked at the umbrella in my hand, then heard a voice inside me saying: fuck it! The next moment, I was already 200% wet.

It’s not my first time to walk in the rain, but this time I can say I was really enjoying all the sensations: the smell, the surround sound, the splashing rhythm on my skin, the view beyond the rain curtains over my eyes. It touched the surface and went deeper. It felt like a massage for the soul ❤

So since when we started to flee from rain? Why do we have to protect ourselves from this universal embrace that refuses no one? I found myself one step closer to everything, when I stopped seeing myself as different. If the trees and birds can enjoy, why can’t we.






Day 86: Flying with sea turtles

Yes, I went flying underwater with my newest best friend, Red Marble, the majestic sea turtle.

I met him in the shallow water of Punta Carola. His shell is bigger than an umbrella and has red-orange marble marks on it that look like fireworks. His eyes are from the starry sky, and full of emotions that I felt I could read.

The moment I saw him I found myself literally crying with happy tears behind the snorkeling mask, and shouting into the snorkeling tube:”Ahhh! You!! Ohhh!! So beautiful!! I love you!! Don’t go away! Wait for me!!!” Maybe he didn’t understand and maybe he was annoyed by my frantic love, but he was kind enough to allow me following him all the way.

He took me for rounds and rounds between the big rocks, to visit his fishy friends, yellow-lip-babe, blue-shine-giant and the silver-gangs. He went up and down, waving his arms like angel’s wings and looked back at me from time to time, to ensure my swim posture isn’t too awkward to embarrass him. He showed me how he likes to scratch his neck on the rocks, and how good he is at handstand! He let me touch his back and his legs, but refused my attempt to kiss him on the cheek. I told him I’d love to go home with him, absolutely true. I risked sunburn on top of sunburn, just to stay with him as long as possible. Before he departed, he led me to see his family and his baby turtle, Gold Marble. What a gorgeous precious baby! A bit bigger than a basketball, shining with the deepest power of the Pacific ocean.

I still can’t figure out how they’ve decided to grow into such gracefully beautiful creatures. In water, only by looking at him, I knew exactly where the waves were coming and going, because we’d moved in the exact same way, because we were subject to the exact same force. Only when you have flied in the same wave with sea turtles and hundred other fishes of extraterrestrial beauty, you live with the realisation, that we, all the living beings on this planet, are together, as one. ❤


(I didn’t have equipment to take underwater pictures. So here is one from Google Image, Red Marble’s celebrity look-alike.)

Day 80-85: Breathing the island

It’s difficult to find words to describe its beauty, how layers and layers of vigorous fauna and flora dance in each other’s lives, and how these beautiful forces play with my spirit.

I am calming down. I am spending afternoons at the beach, letting the waves wash my thoughts. I am walking among the trees, letting lights and shadows draw organic patterns on my skin. I am losing myself into the ever-changing sky. I am breathing the island. I am calm.




















Day 79: Let’s live together

What I love about San Cristobal the most, is that the human inhabited area is limited to 8% of the entire island. The rest is (still) pure wilderness. And even in the town center Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, you find sea lions, pelicans, red crabs and marine iguanas spontaneously taking advantage of human facilities such as verandas, bus stops, ports, piers and shaded parks.




And when I was reading and writing under this gorgeous tree, a little handsome fellow was here keeping me company. Everytime I looked up, he was watching me with his curious eyes.



How lovely it is when animals don’t have to run/swim/fly away from humans. That there is trust in the air that no one will get harmed. That there is some sort of harmonious energy that binds us. That we can all chill together ❤


Day 78: New project in Galapagos!

 I’m still telling myself it’s true, I’m in Galapagos!
As my third Workaway volunteering project, I’m staying on San Cristobal Island for one month, helping out at Katarma eco-hotel.

Katarma eco-hotel is run by Andres and his parents. This awesome family started to design, construct and decorate the entirely hotel complex ten years ago. Inspired by Gaudí from Spanish Catalán, Andres pours his creativity into mosaic and abstract art, whereas his father, David, enjoys the fame as the king of animal sculptures and surrealistic paintings in town.

All the tiles they used are recycled. Wonderful, simply magnificent artworks reside in every corner every room, in big and small detail. Sometimes I find myself staring at them longly, and falling into the mesmerising colours, patterns, and the passion and earnestness that shine through the cracks. Upstairs they also have a studio, full of paintings by the surrealist father and the abstract son. Absolutely impressive!

My duties here are fairly easy: two hours in the morning to help with serving breakfast, and three hours in the afternoon to be at the reception. As it’s low season right now, stress and flocks are being kept away by the ocean. Three to four guests per day is the average I can expect. In other words, my other mission here is to find out, how it feels like to be LOCKED OUT IN HEAVEN 🙂